Meet Your Coaches


Elizabeth Payne

Encouraging Transformation

A leadership and career development specialist and certified Gallup Strengths Coach.

Elizabeth coaches individuals to cultivate personal strengths as you navigate life and work transitions in pursuit of your excellence. 


Liz Head

Extracting Authenticity

Liz equips and connects faith-called nonprofit leaders through The LEAD Institute. 

Liz is married to Hugh and mom to Eleanor (9) and Camille (6).


Wendy Eavenson

Championing Significance

An Elder, "Nana" and Mom to a Pastor and Retailer, and former Global Technology Corporate Executive, Wendy disciples by "Championing Significance", awakening unclaimed truths and capacities in others.

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Kelly Kannwischer

Empowering Momentum

Kelly is the mom of Danica (16) and Ashby (15).  She is the CEO of Younique and puppy mom to Austin. 


Bill Ginn

Bill's 2 Words

Bill Bio


Bonnie Wurzbacher

Cultivating Excellence

A former marketing executive with The Coca-Cola Company and senior officer with World Vision, International.

Bonnie cultivates excellence in people and organizations to enhance their impact for good and for God.


Cynthia Gay

Enhanicing Positives

Cynthia exists to enhance positives in people, places and situations by revealing new possibilities and unrecognized assets."Bio